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Beautiful Storefronts

Beautiful and attractive storefronts catch the attention of one and all. So, create your informative and most inspiring Web Storefronts easily with Sell365.
  • Wide selection of themes, colours, designs, and templates

  • More than 100 web and mobile optimized shop designs available

  • Custom designs matching your business

  • Modification of templates are very easy with Sell365

free ecommerce templates

Customizing your Store

Don’t know coding? having a busy schedule? no external help? Don’t worry. Customization of your webstore has become easier and simpler.

  • Create unlimited store pages

  • With Live Editor, you can customize your store instantly

  • No need of any coding knowledge

  • All the tools to make your website look beautiful and effective are available

  • Many widgets, apps, image editor etc. are pre integrated in the Live Editor

free ecommerce templates



Know the Drag-n-Drop feature

The drag-n-drop feature helps you to edit your store with utmost ease. No coding required for making any changes. Just drag n drop
  • You can drag-n-drop images, pull the banners, and other widgets in a professional manner

  • Design the layout you want, instead of themes that grip you into 2 or 3 pre-created layouts

  • Have a full control on your desired layout

  • Create an exciting electronic store with this feature

online store template


Easy Shipping

With our fully unified logistics services, your products can be shipped around the world easily either from India or to India.
  • Automated Shipping is the highlight in Sell365

  • Tie-up with courier companies like FedEX, DTDC, and Delhivery

  • No need to integrate any API

  • Track the status of your goods in real time from your store

  • Door pick-up

  • Cash-on-delivery

  • No processing and subscription fee for shipping integration

Easy shipping

Manage Your Orders

Manage order fulfilment, shipment, and transactions for all orders from our dashboard.
  • Generate invoices for shipments using advanced store administration panel

  • Dashboard panel allows you to track your orders

  • Stay updated on all the orders

  • Efficient order processing with minimum delays

  • Receive all the status updates on your mobile with our SMS integration optional feature

  • Download our mobile app and manage your store on the go

Manage your orders Manage your orders

Analytics and Reports

Our powerful analytics and reporting tools help you to monitor the performance of your store and also aid in managing inventories on a daily basis. You can also watch the trend and plan your future stock. Without depending on any external analyst, you can devise all your marketing and pricing strategies. From the single panel, you will be able to see the following:

  • Number of unique visitors
  • Orders
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue
  • Order geographical locations

So, based on the above insights you can strategize your orders, pricing, and marketing without hiring any analyst for this.

Analytics and reports

Unique Visitors

Analytics and reports


Analytics and reports

Conversion Rate

Analytics and reports


Hosting and Security

All your web hosting and security issues will be taken care of by us. Just relax!!! Don't worry about setting up and managing separate servers. Also, there is no need for buying any hardware since our platform provides one of the best hosting services with highly reliable and secure technology.

  • Offers a securely hosted website, domain name, shopping cart, and product catalog

  • Can also avail CRM, email accounts, marketing tools, and mobile-optimized store

  • Our servers are protected with firewall

  • Above all, you can secure your store's online checkout process with FREE SSL certificate

  • Your customers will entrust their confidence on you

  • Your webstore will load faster with our optimized hosting

Hosting and security


With Sell365.com, you get built-in SEO. Sell365 provide several tools to get your online store on top of various leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.,

  • Optimizing your web store is very easy – just point, click and type.

*Title and header tags
*Meta descriptions and keywords
*Custom page URLs
*Image alt tags
*SEO-optimized themes
*Search engine friendly links
*You can incorporate keywords, brand names, products and product categories to improve search engine ranks and positions.

  • Sell365 features several optimization to enhance search engine rankings and discoverability of the store

  • Highlight your store with apt keywords matching the products and brands


Integrated Payment Gateway Facility

Sell365.com offers multiple payment options including credit cards, debit cards, net banking and cash on delivery .
  • Sell365.com supports integration with payment gateways at no additional costs

  • Also offers EMI payment options to their customers for their purchases, however big or small

  • You can receive your payments through your mobile store

  • For more information on payment gateway transaction charges, go to the page: (Receive your payment with ease without paying for payment integration)


Sell through sell365.com and other
e-market places

By default all your products will be promoted through Sell365 and generate sales for your stores. You can also list and promote your web store through other business directories and portals.


You can bring innumerable visitors through e-mail, SMS, and Facebook campaigns.

  • Keep the customers familiar about important company news, any special offers, and new product launches by sending traffic-driven newsletters

  • Can pull emails through your store

  • Export emails to your customer relationship management or email marketing platform

  • SMS marketing


Apps and Widgets Integration

We are always on our feet to give you the best technology with latest apps and widgets. Your store will always be in sync with the latest technology changes in the world .

  • Any feature(s) that you think is/are necessary for your business can be upgraded with the vast library of apps and widgets with us

  • Easy integration of apps

  • Most of the apps are FREE but u can also buy apps from our app store at nominal charges


Mobile Responsive Designs

We have developed Sell365 in such a way, your store will be responsive to any device. It means anybody can view your store and all its products through any device if it is connected to the internet.

Live Chat Messenger

In our platform, you can chat with your customers and also receive the offline Message through SMS.
chat-icon hand-with-mob

Facebook Store and Page

  • Create your Facebook store from the control panel

  • Manage and update your Facebook store

  • Simple to use tools for running your Facebook store



Lowest Pricing in the Industry

You can choose a plan according to your needs and budget. Our pricing is lowest compared to the features offered by us
  • We have 30 days FREE trial plan and you can even sell your products during that time

  • You also have the option to upgrade it at anytime

  • We offer Starter, Standard, Professional, and Unlimited Plans for your convenience

  • Our Standard Plan starts as low as 1000/ month

  • Use our FREE plan as long as u want

building discount-tag

Products Management

Manage your products
  • Sell365 offers a feature called CMS - Catalog Management System to manage your products

  • It is a simple web user interface

  • You can add new products to the store, manage product description, price, and stock

Bulk uploads

If you have a huge number of products, it becomes extremely difficult to add product one by one at a time.
  • Sell365's Bulk Upload feature is an extremely simple tool to upload thousands of products in a quicker way

  • Using the product import feature, you can easily upload CSV and XML files into your online store

  • There is no predefined or a standard format

  • You can create your own format and map your fields accordingly

  • With this feature sell on other marketplaces like ebay, Amazon, Flipkart etc.

(Note: The tool is very simple to use without the knowledge of any coding, software language, or programming)

Customer Management

1. Managing customer data
  • Provisions are given to take a back up copy of all your customer data

  • You can also import and export the customer lists in and out of your store

  • Additionally, you can manage their information and do marketing and promotional campaigns for your products through the marketing tools provided

  • Send notifications to your customers about your product , offers, and promotions

2. Your own domain name store
  • You can name your web store in your own name or business name/brand

  • You can easily select your domain with our search and select method

  • You can use your domain name even in the free subscription plan

3. Email/SMS Support
  • At every step of your business transaction, you will be notified with an email and SMS

  • Right from the product order stage, till the delivery, you and your customers will be provided the due notification

  • You need not worry about running and maintaining the store. Our customer support team will always guide you

  • Also check our help videos to know more about our platform



No IT Infrastructure Investment

  • Sell365 is a powerful e-commerce platform, which is offered as a hosted solution

  • The Software as a Service (SaaS) model ensures that, you get a long lasting and high performance platform

  • Don't worry about software upgrades and hardware maintenance

  • Sell365 is continuously updating the platform with new features to help you increase your sales

  • It does not require you to invest heavily on hardware, technology upgradation, and software purchase and licenses


Level1 PC Compliant

Again, the Level 1 PC Compliance ensures, your customer data is secure.



We offer you an unbeatable support through our call centre and email. Anything you need, we are just a call away.





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