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March 13, 2014

Anticipation of Highest Expansion of Ecommerce by The End of 2015

Sell365 , the rapid and ever growing ecommerce platform, today declared that ecommerce as a fragment of the total retail market is mounting at around 25 percent per year. On the basis of research programs conducted by its optimization team envisions that the Indian small and medium business ecommerce market will overshoot to the maximum extent by the end of 2015.

The spectacular rise of ecommerce has obstructed the worldwide economy with total ecommerce spending contemplated to conceal the colossal domestic product of all but the top 10 countries next year, according to the state-of-the-art report.

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Ecommerce Stretches Out to 20 Year

At present, Ecommerce is a worldwide market comprising of merchants ranging from retailers to single owner-operator small businesses. Earlier, ecommerce was governed by the brick-and-mortar retailers, who were attempting to initiate fresh and new revenue streams. Moreover, technological development and upgradation have empowered new market entrants to rapidly grow market share and revenues by more rapidly acknowledging to the transforming market dynamics.

About Sell365

Sell365 is a global ecommerce platform, which enables the entrepreneurs especially to develop as well as grow their businesses by selling their products online. It caters to businessmen belonging to different sectors and arenas. Marketing campaigns as well as lead generation are also taken care. Sell365 engulfs ecommerce as well as non-ecommerce platform and the users have the freedom to opt the platform as per their choice and utility. Founded in 2011, Sell365 supports entrepreneurs and it has office in Mumbai to serve its customers in an excellent way.

October 27, 2014

Practicable vision empower vigorous decision-making and ultimately lead to an increased sales.

Sell365 is the most sought after ecommerce platform especially for fast-growing brands. They have projected a fresh new real-time analytics interpretation. Its main aim is to put an end to any kind of guesswork pertaining to the streaming of an online business.

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The Real-Time Analytics is a powerful tool. This reporting tool provides the needed marketing as well as transaction data retailers want, so that there is a fast growth in reveneue.

Highlight of Sell365 Real-Time Analytics

  • Applicable Perception of Customers: It makes it easy and feasible to keep tabs on the real-time metrics with the dashboard.
  • Marketing and Social Media Measurement: Real-Time analysis focuses on marketing campaigns. They enable customers to reap better results.
  • Inventory Optimization Data: Forecasts always help Merchants to strive to the next level and inventory optimization based on current sales data enables business promotions and development.
  • Finding Optimistic Customers: Merchants can read the pulse of customers with real-time analysis. They can also envisage and understand returning customers' behaviour and can find out the reason why erstwhile shoppers went out in a hush.



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